Digital Camera Repairs

Digital Camera Repairs Information

This information is intended to assist you in helping to evaluate whether your FUJIFILM FinePix digital camera requires service by the FUJIFILM Repair Centre, and if so, provides you with the steps you need to take to return it to us.

If you believe your camera has a fault, please read the trouble shooting table below, plus please read our ‘Digital Camera Repair Terms

Trouble Shooting

If you believe that the camera has a fault, please check the following:

Trouble Shooting Possible Causes Solutions
No Power
  • The batteries have run out
  • The batteries were loaded incorrectly
  • Load new or fully charged batteries
  • Load batteries in the correct direction
Batteries run out quickly
  • You are using the camera in extremely cold conditions
  • The terminals are soiled
  • The rechargeable batteries run out quickly
  • Put the batteries in a warm place to heat them and then load them into the camera
  • Wipe the battery terminals with a clean, dry cloth
  • Fully charge batteries. Purchase new rechargeable batteries. For AA-size, minimum of 2100mAh recommended
Can't use the flash
  • The flash has not popped up (where applicable)
  • The flash is set to Suppressed Flash mode
  • Check flash has been released (where applicable)
  • Set the flash mode to Auto
The image is blurred
  • The lens is dirty
  • The photographed subject was too dark
  • You photographed scenery with Macro mode selected
  • You took a close-up shot without selected Macro mode
  • You are shooting a subject that is not suited to autofocusing
  • Clean the lens with a soft cloth
  • Try standing approx. 2m from your subject to take the picture or using flash
  • Cancel Macro mode
  • Select Macro mode
  • Use AF/AE lock to take the picture
  • If you see the camera shake icon appear on LCD, engage flash
There is a speckling on the image
  • The shot was taken with a slow shutter speed in a high-temperature environment
  • This is a characteristic of CCD's and does not indicate a camera fault

FUJIFILM NZ Customer Services Centre

For further assistance on possible problems and solutions, we recommend contacting our Customer Services Centre on 0800 242 646 who may be able to assist you.

FUJIFILM NZ Limited Camera Repair Procedure

Please read our ‘Digital Camera Repair terms’ and ‘Warranty terms’ for the correct procedure in returning your digital camera to us.