First in the world in Computed Radiography (CR) mammography system obtained PMA* from FDA**

High-quality one-stacker FCR reader for general radiography and also good for pediatric imaging and mammography with 50µm resolution and a dual-side reading


  • Superior image quality with 20 pixel/mm scanning pitch and FUJIFILM's revolutionary Dual-Side Reading Technology
  • Ideal for premium image applications such as mammography and pediatric imaging
  • Compact design FCR - footprint 0.48 m2, height 1.33 m

FCR PROFECT ONE is a state-of-the-art one-stacker FCR for high-resolution digital mammography and pediatric imaging. With up to 48 images per hour scanned by Dual-Side Reading, it is a great choice for small- to medium-sized facilities demanding premium image quality or placing it as a back up unit of PROFECT CS.

DSR (Dual-Side IP Reading)

Dual-Side IP (Imaging Plate) Reading technology allows the use of a thicker phosphor layer on the IP and transparent base, thereby increasing DQE (Detective Quantum Efficiency) by collecting the emissions from both sides of the IP with optimal, spatial frequency-dependent factors.

[Image] DSR (Dual-Side IP Reading)

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  • * PMA : Premarket Approval
  • ** FDA : U.S. Food and Drug Administration


Processing Capacity
(35x43 IP per hour)
Matrix Size
18 x 24cm (10 pixels)
1770 x 2370
24 x 30cm (10 pixels)
2364 x 2964
18 x 24cm (20 pixels)
3540 x 4740
24 x 30cm (20 pixels)
4728 x 5928
35 x 35cm (10 pixels)
3520 x 3520
35 x 43cm (10 pixels)
3520 x 4280
20 x 25cm (10 pixels)
2000 x 2510
25 x 30cm (10 pixels)
2505 x 3015
Applicable IP Type ST-VI, HR-V, ST-BD, HR-BD
50µm Reading yes (Dual-side) (18 x 24 / 24 x 30)
Dimensions (reader unit, mm) 655 (W) x 740 (D) x 1330 (H)
Weight (kg) 230
Power Consumption (kW) 0.7
DICOM Compatibility Modality Worklist, Modality Performed Procedure Step, Basic Grayscale Print, CR Image Storage, Storage Commitment
Other Options for CR Console Electronic Shutter, Free Annotation, Image Composition, Auto-menu Selection, LUT Adjustment, FCR QC Program, Tiling QA, Multi-Frequency Processing, Flexible Noise Control, Grid Pattern Removal, Pattern Enhancement Processing for Mammography