FCR Go 2

A flexible and high-performance digital portable X-ray unit — all you need is the FCR Go 2

The FCR Go 2 enables you to make X-ray exposures and to preview images quickly and accurately just about anywhere. Whether it's at the bedside, in the operating room or within intensive care settings the FCR Go 2 lessens the inconveniences often experienced whilst making the rounds. This system truly enhances efficiency by responding to diverse hospital needs.


Drive as you like

The dual motor drive provides smooth and easy steering and comes with four acceleration modes as standard. Designed to be silent you can happily move the unit around at night. A touch sensor on the front of the unit stops the machine automatically if it makes contact with an obstacle.

[Photo]Touch sensor on the front of the unit

Position it as you need

The telescopic arm adjusts easily to the precise, desired position. The arm also has extended horizontal and vertical movement letting you use longer exposure distances for high quality images. The X-ray tube also moves both horizontally and vertically, allowing desired positioning even when the arm is in a diagonal position.

[Photo]The telescopic arm

Lightweight, durable and various-sized IP cassettes

The rugged lightweight IP cassettes, in a variety of sizes, add to the FCR Go 2's ability to deliver high performance in a limited space, such as at the bedside. Small-size cassettes are especially useful for NICU / paediatrics.

[Photo]Lightweight, durable and various-sized IP cassettes