XMF ColorPath

Consistent colour to ISO 12647,
however you print

XMF ColorPath is a cloud-based system hosted by Fujifilm that allows calibration, ICC profiling and alignment to ISO 12647 for a wide range of print devices, from offset and screen presses to digital wide format and B2 inkjet printers such as Fujifilm’s Jet Press 720.

XMF ColorPath at a glance:

  • XMF ColorPath brings ‘right first time’ print production and turns advanced colour management into a simple, reliable and consistent process.
  • As XMF ColorPath is a cloud-based solution, there is no other client software to install and so the system imposes no additional burden on in-house IT resources.
  • XMF ColorPath is available as a stand-alone system to manage colour, as well as being available with Fujifilm's leading XMF Workflow solution.

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