Tips for taking stunning photos this holiday season


A recent nationwide survey conducted by Fujifilm New Zealand has revealed that Christmas day with family is the nation’s favourite holiday moment to record. During the rest of the year, family and friends (89%) are by far the most popular subjects for photographs, followed by the great outdoors (61%), travel and holidays (59%) and wildlife (46%). Our furry friends make a strong showing too, with pets a typical subject for nearly half of us (43%).


The survey also highlighted that Kiwis are not very confident when it comes to taking photographs with two out of three ranking their photography skills as average, only 22% seeing themselves as good photographers, and a mere 2% saying they are excellent.


Some common frustrations when taking photographs were exposed by the survey:

  1. Taking decent photos in low light (31%) is a setback for nearly one in three people
  2. A quarter of Kiwis experience out of focus images (25%)
  3. One in four people dislikes being unable to zoom in close enough (25%)
  4. Blurry action shots (24%) are another other major irritation


Fujifilm X-Series ambassador and professional photographer, Sven Schroeter offers expert advice to help you avoid these pitfalls and take stunning, memorable photographs this holiday season.



  1. When taking photos in low light, if you don’t have a tripod, steady yourself and your arms against a wall, tree, fence or other sturdy surface.
  2. To ensure your shots are in focus, review your images and use a small aperture to make certain there is enough depth of field for the type of image you are creating. Also be deliberate with the focus point and avoid plain-coloured surfaces. Textured surfaces and contrast help the camera focus.
  3. To be able to zoom in close enough to your subject it’s worth investing in a quality camera and lens, such as those available in the Fujifilm X-Series.
  4. For capturing action shots that aren’t blurry use fast shutter speeds and check there is enough light for the shot. Use a small aperture to ensure most of the image is in focus. Wide angles also help.



  • Keep it simple and let the subject matter speak for itself.
  • Consider which elements are the most important in a scene and focus on those to create a story.
  • Be deliberate with your framing and don't try to capture everything in a single image.
  • Mix it up: get close to your subject and then move further away, lie down or stand on a chair and play with different angles.
  • Observe how light changes throughout the day and discover how it impacts the mood of a photograph.
  • During the warm, bright summer days, having your back to sun will help the camera maintain a balanced subject and background exposure. Alternatively, point the camera towards the sun and get a silhouette.
  • Most importantly, practise. Get comfortable with your camera and learn what all the buttons do. Find something around the house and start taking pictures of it. Change the camera settings and push all the buttons until their functions make sense to you.




How to take a great group shot

  • Consider your framing, find a nice background for the group and don't forget to move around.
  • For example, find a chair or bench and get up high, or lie down for a completely different perspective.


How to take the perfect portrait

  • Think about the lighting and move the subject into the shade for a beautiful soft light. If you wait for sunrise or sunset and carefully expose the photo you can get nice golden highlights across the subject.
  • Be careful not to distort the subject with wide-angle lenses and never put down your camera. Some of the best images are the candid moments between planned shots.


Tips for photographing kids

  • Get down to their level and don't hide behind the camera.
  • Communicate and play with the kids and they will quickly forget they are being photographed.
  • Alternatively, give them something to do like eating an ice cream or a fun task to complete and be ready with the camera.


Tips for photographing pets

  • Use a fast shutter speed to eliminate any motion blur.
  • Get down to your pets’ level and interact with them.
  • Never put the camera down.


How to take a beautiful beach photo

  • Under-expose your photo slightly to bring out the blue in the sky, ocean and greenery.
  • Use the camera's electronic viewfinder to nail your exposure and help fight the glare of the rear LCD screen.


How to take a stunning wildlife shot

  • Stay quiet, move slowly and make sure you have a fast shutter speed (faster than 1/1000s) to freeze the action.
  • You can also get creative, slow your shutter speed down and pan with the wildlife to get some motion blur in the background. This is a great technique to remove some background clutter, but it only works if your subject matter is moving.


How to take an outstanding landscape shot

  • Wake up at sunrise or go out after dinner at sunset, be patient and watch what the light is doing.
  • Use a wide-angle lens or telephoto lens to focus in on a particular element in the scene.


Capturing magnificent holiday photos

  • Travel light, have your camera turned on and ready at your side to catch the defining moments of your holiday. By the time you get your camera out of your bag you have missed the opportunity and the scene might have already changed.


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