The first anniversary of the launch of Fujifilm’s X-Photographers website: 142 photographers from 36 countries share their X series images


FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) is celebrating the first anniversary of its X-Photographers website.


The X-Photographers website is an online gallery of images shot by photographers who use FUJIFILM X series cameras. It displays the high quality output and creativity that X series cameras offer photographers.


Launched on 20th June 2012 with images from 43 photographers from 11 countries, Fujifilm now has 142 featured photographers from 36 countries, covering 5 continents. The website shows the EXIF data of the images featured, along with a Photographer profile and their comments. Visitors get a true feel for what X series premium digital cameras can offer and why they are loved by so many photographers.


Fujifilm will be continually updating the X-Photographers galleries in the future, so please do pay us a visit and see what our X-Photographers site is all about!