Major firmware update further improves X-T1 operability


FUJIFILM Corporation will be releasing a firmware upgrade for the X-T1 and X-T1 Graphite Silver Edition to improve operability and functionality.

Fujifilm released substantial firmware upgrades for X-T1 and X-T1 Graphite Silver Edition in Dec 2014 and June 2015.

Fujifilm is striving to keep the level of technology offered in the X-T1 and X-T1 Graphite Silver Edition as up to date as possible so the cameras have the longest possible lifespan.


<Firmware release date>

Dec 17, 2015


<Firmware version>

FUJIFILM X-T1:Ver.4.20


<Improvements with this firmware update>

1.Using a flashgun in Bracketing/Continuous shooting

Optional flashguns can now be used for bracketing and burst photography. When using the EF-X8, which is bundled with the X-T1, the flash fires in ISO, FILM SIMULATION and WHITE BALANCE BKT modes.


2. Instant AF Setting in manual focus

Focus and exposure can now be locked when the AF-L button is used in manual focus mode. You can shoot after locking AF and AE with your thumb.


3. AF+MF operation with AF-L button

 The AF-L button can be used to lock focus in AF+MF mode and you can adjust the focus more accurately using the lens's focusing ring.


4. Focus zoom in AF+MF

The FOCUS ASSIST button can be used for focus zoom and you can fine tune focusing using the lens's focusing ring with focus zoom activated.


5. Additional Custom Display options

Functions have been added to the DISP. CUSTOM SETTING option in the setup menu. Choose the information you want, then concentrate on shooting.

(Additional items)

Focus frame/Shooting mode/ Information background/Focus mode/Shutter type/Continuous mode/Dual IS mode/Movie mode /Blur warning

6. The Fn7 Button

The movie-record button now doubles as an Fn button (Fn7). Press and hold DISP/BACK to select what it controls.


<Firmware ver. 4.00 (released in June 2015) brought substantial improvements to the following functions:>

1. New AF system with Zone and Wide/Tracking modes

2. Improvement of AF accuracy

3. Eye Detection AF

4. Auto Macro mode

5. AF improvement in the Movie mode

6. Improved Shutter Speed Dial operation

7. Exposure Compensation control in Manual.

8. Finer lines on the framing grid to enhance visibility

9. Name of Silent mode changed to avoid confusion


<Firmware ver. 3.00 (released in December 2014) brought substantial improvements to the following functions:>

1. High-speed electronic shutter with a maximum speed of 1/32000sec.

2. Option to mute the shutter sound

3. Classic Chrome Film Simulation mode for more creativity

4. Natural Live View function - just like the naked eye

5. EVF / LCD Color Control

6. AF+MF function for seamless manual focusing

7. Direct selection of AF area

8. Interchangeable AE-L / AF-L buttons

9. Ability to change the size of the Focus frame in Manual Focus

10. Direct selection of Macro mode

11. Customizable Q. Menu

12. New video frame rates (50P / 25P / 24P)

13. Manual shooting in Video mode

14. Phase detection AF support for Instant AF

15. Interlocking of metering and focus areas

16. Shutter speed range expanded in Program Shift mode from 1/4sec to a maximum of 4 seconds

17. Additional settings in Function(Fn) options

18. Instax Printer print

19. Software lock function added to avoid accidental button pressing

20. Custom white balance options expanded from one to three

21. Greater choice of EVF / LCD display options when shooting in the Manual exposure mode

22. Support for PC-tethered shooting with HS-V5 software

23. Ability to change Face Detection functionality in Focus-Frame Selection AF

24. When pressing AE-L button, exposure is reflected in live view

25. When AF is locked by pressing AF-L button, the AF lock is maintained during zooming

26. Icon added to show RAW shooting is not available when an expanded sensitivity range is selected in RAW shooting.


[ Firmware update ]

X-T1 Firmware Ver.4.20 Download
This firmware is exclusive to the FUJIFILM X-T1 and X-T1 Graphite Silver Edition. Firmware is software that controls the camera body.

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