CR Console

CR Console

The Heart of your FCR System

The Fujifilm CR Console allows:

  • patient identification
  • image processing
  • image preview
  • image QA and/or QA as a whole study
  • DICOM interfacing to RIS, PACS and printers

It features a customizable interface and advanced image processing that includes:

  • DRC (Dynamic Range Control): improves visibility of both dense and peripheral tissue by adjusting density and contrast characteristics.
  • GPR* (Grid Pattern Removal): prevents display of a moiré pattern caused by a stationary grid.
  • MFP*(Multi-objective Frequency Processing): applies edge enhancement selectively to both small and large structures within an image.
  • FNC (Flexible Noise Control): extracts noise data and suppresses noise levels in images without losing diagnostic information from the image.

The Fujifilm CR Console is versatile and and can be linked with multiple reader units and other Consoles for Study Sharing**.

*Optional software

**Study Sharing allows patient folders that are available on one Fujifilm CR Console to be accessed from other linked CR Consoles in the department.

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At a Glance

  • The Heart of your Fujifilm FCR system
  • Identification terminal
  • Preview and quality assurance
  • DICOM Network Integration (MWLM, MPPS,

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