Your Photos Showcased

Every week we ask you to share your Photos of the Week with us...

We love Wednesday's here at FUJIFILM - that's the day when we go into Facebook to check out all the recent submissions into the Photo of the Week.  But sometimes, there are just too many to choose from, and having to decide on just one can be a really painstaking process. 

We want to say thank you to everyone that shares their X Photos with us and let you know that we appreciate all your submissions.  Because it's so hard to just pick one, we thought we would do a little showcase of recent Photos of the Week to share the love.

If you would like to get showcased next time, just post your X Photos to our Facebook wall.

Happy photographing!

1. Matt Searles and Timaru Lighthouse on X-T1

2. Dan Heald, Macro Shot using XF60mm

3. Lindsay Keats in India with an X-T1

4. Tom Rees at Lake Hayes on an X-Pro2

5. Mike Bouchier on the Kapiti Coast with an X-E2

6. Matt Searles on an X-T1