The Friendly Faces of FUJIFILM: Peter Bonisch

Not one to blow his own trumpet (he prefers to let brand's products do the talking)  Peter Bonisch is 'The Wise Old Chief' (just don't call him old) behind the well-run creative machine that is FUJIFILM's sales and marketing team. 

Having been with the company for over 11 years, Peter was originally attracted to the FUJIFILM NZ brand due to it's diversity of product range/divisions (Did you Know: FUJIFILM is not just a photographic brand, we also innovate in the medical and graphic space).

As the Sales and Marketing Manager you might be surprised to learn that Peter is anything but a professional photographer and confesses to his choice in preferring to use phone cameras and simple point and shoots. Marketing, not photography, is what makes him tick.  

"What I find fascinating is the whole challenge marketers now face with Gen Y's, Millenials and how these generations are changing the way we as brands need to connect with our customers.  At FUJIFILM NZ our whole approach to this is to remain extremely adaptable to technological changes and ensure that we never lose sight of our main goal to provide customers with outstanding end-to-end solutions."

"People want to go back to printing their photos."

"One of my favorite product categories I like to work with is Imaging and Print". With the amount of photographs being snapped each and every day it's perhaps not much of a surprise that printing has grown in popularity.  "People want to go back to printing their photos.  Without trying to sound too doom and gloom, the reality is that if they don't do something with all their digital pictures they run the risk of losing all those precious memories. My job is to make sure that never happens."