Super Simple Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Let's face it, you're no Nigella Lawson and your thoughtful 'breakfast in bed' has turned out to be nothing more than a pile of runny eggs, burnt toast, and a mess in the kitchen scary enough to trigger a Ghost Buster alarm.

And yea, if you had a million bucks, you'd get mum that Hermes bag she so deserves. 

But you don't need a Kardashian income to impress mum!  Here are a few simple (and cheap!) fabulous Mother's Day gifts sure to bring a tear of joy to her eye. 

Personalised Wrapping Paper!

Image cred: Honest Mum

Add a special touch to your gift, whatever it may be, using personalised wrapping paper (available from selected FIS Stores and Harvey Norman).  This one is super easy to create but is 100% guaranteed to wow mum!

Photo Wall

They say that mums are suckers for gifts from the heart, and you can't get more heartfelt than creating a beautiful printed wall mural - in the shape of a heart!

To print your photos simply head into your nearest FUJIFILM Photo Printing Kiosk

Photo Book

Give a gift that will last the years.  Grab all the precious moments of mum and the family and create a beautiful photo book at your local FUJIFILM Photo Printing kiosk.

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