3 School Holiday Fun Ideas


It's the school holidays and there's chaos in the air, making this a better time than any to entice your eager kids and more reluctant teens into photography. Inspire them to explore their world through the magic of photography!


I spy with my little eye something that is..... we all know the game, now take it one step further over your holidays by giving them a photographic scavenger hunt.   If you're little mites are under the age of 6 you'll want to make sure you invest in a durable camera tough enough to withstand knocks and drops. Our XP70 is the perfect hardy camera for adventures and children. 


Millenials are all about instant gratification, our solution - the Instax camera range - wallet sized images that pop out instantly! Take this a step further and get them to create a visual keepsake journal of their school holidays using the Instax SHARE.   

First step is to snap photos from your phone then, using the Instax SHARE app, apply templates and text to the pics. 

Next, print your images on Instax mini film wirelessly using the Instax SHARE.  Buy a simple diary from any stationary shop, some coloring crayons and start filling in your journal with memories. 

TIP:  You once you've printed your photos using the Instax SHARE you can also upload them, template and all, to your social media channels so that friends and family can keep up with the adventures!


Having your kids take lots of weird and wonderful shots of the world around them is a great way to help them develop their creativity and learn to become more observant.  But it's no good to just keep these snaps trapped online, release them in all their glory by printing them on different mediums at your local FUJIFILM kiosk

Try a mug for dad to take back into the office, some good ol' paper for photo albums and collages, or a printed tee of sketches done by the kids.