Strangest Stock Photos No One Will Ever Use

The world of stock imagery is artistically tame at the best of times, but once in a while a picture will slip through the crack that begs the question 'what the...'.

Here are some of the weirdest stock photos we've ever encountered! Would you pay for these?

1. Fat Santa Pinching His Nipples

From ThinkStock Imagery

3. A middle-aged man who couldn't give up on his dream of becoming a ballerina

From ShutterStock Imagery

4. A couple romantically enjoying the smell of a jandal

From DisImages

5. Man contemplating his life on a pillow of cake

From Getty Images

6. She-Hitler peeling potatoes

From Corbis Imagery

7. A love of bananas

From Getty Images

8. Mona Lisa on a tongue

From 123RF IMagery