Join The Square Print Movement

Jump on the trendsetter bandwagon by displaying your gorgeous square photo moments in style.

Simply choose the kind of display you want to make and have your photos printed at your local FUJIFILM kiosk. You can print photos that are already square, like those from Instagram, or you can create the perfect square photo by using the kiosk editing tools.

We think it's great when people think outside the box for photo displays. Once you get creative with it, your photo display can really come to life.

The above photos are mounted bare to the wall and positioned near a handful of quirky trinkets.
This creates an natural look and feel, for a simple and fun display.
{ Source : Unknown }

This dramatic photo display makes a strong statement, with the contrast of the black and white frames drawing your attention to the colourful images.
{ Source : lovelinessdiy }

This photo display exudes fun, family vibes and would provide a great energy to any room.
It matches natural elements with exposed hardware and bare images, creating a non-fussy feel. 
Ten points for making a future photo swap-over super simple too!
{ Source : liveflourish }