9 Breathtaking Shots Taken on an X-Pro2

Been toying around with the idea of shifting to mirrorless, or even better - growing your camera kit with the all new X-Pro2?  It's still fresh off the press and already the X Series photographic community from across the world is brimming with amazing photographs. But don't just take our word for it, check out the pics below!

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1. Black & White Bokeh Rain

A photo posted by Leslie Liu (@leslieliuphoto) on

3. First Light

4. Point Break

A photo posted by Hayden Castle (@haydencastle) on

5. Spitfire

A photo posted by S E G E D A H L (@irs73) on

6. Frozen

7. Good Friday

8. Faces

A photo posted by Alexander Timofeev (@clapotron) on