Printing Instax snaps wirelessly from your X series camera

In a shocking recent interview - it was uncovered that only 2% of us actually print our photos!  We think that's pretty shocking but have taken steps to help our X photographers combat this by allowing you to print your X photos into instax snaps!  Choose any picture you like, send it directly from your camera to your instax SHARE smartphone printer.

This means you can print and share those images you can only take with your FUJIFILM digital camera, such as objects captured at fast shutter speed or pictures featuring blurred backgrounds.

This is how it works:

1. Make sure you have the most up-to-date firmware on your digital camera

The necessary firmware to print pictures can be found on the following X series digital cameras: X-M1, X- A1, XQ1, X-T1, X-T1 graphite silver, X100T, X30, X-A2 and XQ2 If you haven’t updated your firmware in a while, you can check for new updates here.

2. Connect your instax SHARE SP-1 to your X series digital camera. Once the firmware is installed, here is how to connect your camera to your instax SHARE printer:

  • Turn Camera ON.
  • • Go into PLAYBACK.
  • • Go to the Connection Settings TAB (In Set-up MENU, TAB 3)
  • • Enter your SSID (the serial number on the bottom of your SHARE printer)
  • • Enter your password (the factory default password is “1111” but it can be changed in the Instax app on your phone or tablet under SETTINGS)

3. Print pictures from your X series digital camera. After you have connected the printer to your camera, printing a picture is quick and simple:

  • Go to the PLAYBACK MENU and select the second tab from the top.
  • Scroll down to INSTAX PRINTER PRINT.
  • Make sure your printer is turned ON and has film.
  • Start the connection and your print is ready in a few seconds!