Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Have you remembered it's Mother's Day?  Quick!

Dash out to the nearest pharmacy and grab a generic brand of perfume, better yet, nothing says 'I Love You' like a voucher to the Cleaning Co. store.

Or... you could do something more meaningful and give your mum a heartwarming trip down memory lane with a printed photo book, a printed frame, or even just some cute square photo prints (see ideas below). 

That, and a spot of peace and quite will probably do the trick!

Afterall, she deserves it. 

IDEA #1: Print A Photo Book of Memories - You can do this at any FUJIFILM kiosk.

IDEA #2: Create a Beautiful Photo Frame for Mum

Print your square images of mum and the family at any FUJIFILM kiosk and showcase them in a beautiful frame. So simple, yet extremely powerful.


IDEA #3: Print Mum's Favorite Images 

With so many images being taken these days, sometimes the greatest joy is to actually see them in print.  Print a selection of memories (both old and new) as a keepsake for mum. Trust us, she'll love them.