It's Hip to be Square

A look into the evolution of print

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Despite the sprawl of the digital age, no technology has been able to recreate the sense of intimacy and evoke as much imagination as what the good ol’ printed photograph can.
The art of capturing memories on paper has come a long way and, thanks to the Internet and mobile devices, is now more popular than ever.  Here’s a look at the evolution of the photograph through the past few decades.  

1970s – Round Baby 

Hoorah – the point and shoot camera comes into existence and photography is now accessible to mainstream.   Tinged in yellow with rounded corners, analogue is the rage (well, it’s the only option) and photographs epitomize old-school charm.
Just be careful not to expose your reel of film before handing it into the chemist!

1980s  - Rock and Roll


The rock and roll decade - so desperate to align itself with the future - saw advances in camera technology that made photography even more accessible to the masses. Analogue is still the way and storing images equates to keeping your little tubes of negatives.
With more options to choose from in terms of printing sizes, the conventional format is the 3.5x5 inch photo printed on light sensitive color photo paper.

1990s – The Infamous 4x6

The world’s first ever completely digital consumer camera is launched in the market and with it, a shift in how photos are stored and printed.
The infamous 4x6” print makes its mark in photo albums across the globe and images can be stored on memory cards (with max capacity of 128MB, which equates to roughly 30 images).

2000s - Getting Smart

Cue the smartphone – a phone with a camera that can take and share still pictures.  In 2007 the iPhone is released and by the end of 2010 phones housed 16MB cameras.
The 4x6” print is still the most popular size with the 8x10” a close second.  


2010-Now – It's Hip to be Square


Cameras in phones are ubiquitous.  Photos can now be printed straight from a smartphone, online, and major social media platforms.  And editing, well that’s simple too – just apply your favorite filter.
What’s even more, thanks to a little network called Instagram, square prints have made a resurgence.

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