How to Print Photos From Your Phone

Easily Print Your Phone Photos Using Fujifilm TransPix

Smartphones and tablets have given us unlimited photographic capabilities. These days, snapping images on the go and capturing fleeting moments is as easy as simply pulling out the mobile device and pushing a button.  Add some filters crop and enhance, and you’ve got yourself an image library to make the whole village envious.

The problem is that many of us end up with photo libraries that stack up in the thousands – going days, months, even years without printing those special moments.  Reminiscing achievable only by looking at the tiny glossy screen of a device.   

So at Fujifilm, we thought we’d take the hassle out of printing quality images from your phone and bring back paper moments. 

Using our newest Fujifilm TransPix app, simply head to one of over 150 Fujifilm kiosks, download the app to your phone, select the images you want to print, and bam!