How to Create Light Grafitti Shots

We don't usually encourage graffiti, but this kind deserves an exception!

Light graffiti is the glorious combination of long-exposure photography and moving lights, which allows you to write or draw in the air and have it show up in the photo in bright, shining letters!

Here's how to capture Light Graffiti using your X Camera:

1. Set camera shutter speed to 30 seconds - the longer, the more light will get into the lens

Photo by @ninoshootfilm

2. Set your ISO to one hundred or two hundred - this will depend largely on how dark the room/outdoor space is

3. Set Aperture (f/stop) to 5.6 - a lower aperature means less light will get into the lens.

Image by @indranagruho

4. Press the shutter button - start 'drawing' your masterpiece. If you set your shutter speed to 30 seconds, you'll have 30 seconds to create your work of art.

Guaranteed fun for the whole family!