GFX stories with Lindsay Keats

Lindsay Keats is a Kiwi Photographer based in Wellington, who shoots for a variety of clients both in the studio and on location.

Lindsay started his photography career in central Wellington, working in the studio for the New Zealand Railways. As a keen 19-year-old photographer, he considered this a great place to work.

After various roles in commercial photography, from Wellington to London, he opened his very own studio in 1990 covering a range of photography including corporate, industrial, food, advertising, agriculture and landscape.

With the new FUJIFILM GFX 50s, medium format camera in hand - Lindsay set out to see what this much anticipated camera could do.

I love FUJIFILM. As soon as I got my hands on the GFX, I thought, wow... I need to take this camera out on an aerial shoot. I’ve done a lot of aerial work with both medium format film and digital cameras, so I was quite excited to try the GFX out.

During the shoot, I really wanted to concentrate on the details of the landscape rather than the expansive views. The 32-64 zoom was the perfect focal length for this shoot, it was incredibly sharp and very responsive.

I was also impressed with the dual card slot in the GFX, the ability to back up the job as your shooting is hugely important in some situations.

Another outstanding feature for me is the layout of the GFX - having dials to change the IOS settings instead of menus on the screen. This feature is particularly beneficial in situations where you have to work fast and efficiently, or if you’re shooting in colder climates. It’s a lovely camera to use, It’s very much like my XT-2.

Prior to taking the GFX up in the air, I had an opportunity to try the new 110mm F2 lens, so I decided to shoot some portraits in my studio.
I have never seen such incredible detail in the tiles straight from the camera.

From one environment to the other, whether it is in the studio or out on location, I feel that the GFX 50s is a camera that I can do all of my work on.


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