Gallery 34

In July 2019, we hosted our very first Gallery 34 event.
An event that celebrated our New Zealand FUJIFILM photographic community and created a visual opportunity to represent our lens expertise in a way that captured the emotive nature of photography.

With over 1,000 attendees across three city centres (Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland), Gallery 34 kicked off in Wellington in conjunction with the NZIPP (New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers) annual convention, followed by events in Christchurch and then finished up in Auckland with an evening event for Photographers, Retail owners and staff including our FUJIFJILM Head Office team.

This nationwide photography exhibition featured imagery that represented each of our 34 lenses in the FUJIFILM XF Lens portfolio, showcasing images provided by our FUJIFILM X-Thusiast Community and X-Photographers.
A call out to our FUJIFILM network through our closed Facebook Group was made earlier in the year where photographers were asked to submit images to be featured in Gallery 34.

During the event, attendees to the exhibition were asked to vote for their favourite image with a winner announced at the end of the 3 events, once results were tallied.

Incorporated into the events also were a speaker series featuring guest speakers from our X-Photographer community, providing an additional touch point of expertise to the event through providing insights into topics such as travel photography and how to grow your social following.

At the end of the event series, the winner by public vote, was Simon Runting, with his winning entry: