FUJIKINA 2017 with Craig Robertson - Part 1

Craig Robertson is an X-Photographer based in the beautiful Rotorua. He’s been shooting for over 20 years; working with a diverse range of clients, projects and alongside The New Zealand Institute of Photography. Craig works mainly as a commercial photographer, but his personal passion is for landscape and abstract nature images, working hard to build a strong collection of fine art prints.

In January, Craig Robertson accompanied the FUJIFILM NZ team to FUJIKINA 2017 with the opportunity to get a hands on experience with the upcoming releases - and give us his two cents on what's to come.

Craig got his hands on the X-T20, the X100F and the XF50mm F2 lens, to give them a run for their money and give us some honest feedback on what to expect from these new additions to to the FUJIFILM line up.

We’ll be sharing 3 blogs written by Craig, so stay tuned!

Up first, the X-T20.

When the X-T10 came out I never really gave it a second glance. My X-T1 was doing all I needed and the 10 just seemed a little dumbed down for me - it was an amateur camera that I had no need for - and to be honest that was the market it was squarely aimed at.

So I was sceptical about the X-T20. What would I want one of those for? But Fujifilm gave me the opportunity to use a pre-production unit so I was up for the challenge.

Boy was I wrong! What a great little camera this is. And I mean “little” - it’s a tiny pocket rocket. It’s just awesome. This is a seriously well specced wee camera (did I mention it was small)! It may not have the full specs of the X-T2 but it has most of the things that matter - especially if you're not a professional. It has the same superb 24.3 million pixel X-trans sensor, it has the same super fast and accurate focusing engine, it shoots 4K video and can crank out stills at 8 frames a second. WOW - simply WOW.

Pair it with the tiny F2 series of XF lenses and it really does fit in your pocket. I used it with the 23mm F2 and the new 50mm F2 in Japan and it proved to be an awesome street/travel photography combination.

The new touch screen gives you some nice options too - especially in playback mode where you can simply double tap the image to zoom in and check it’s sharpness or swipe to flick between images. In shooting mode it has the option to touch the screen anywhere to focus on that point and take the shot immediately. It's perhaps a shame that you can’t touch menu items to select them - maybe that will come with a firmware update at a later time or even with the actual production model when it’s released.

One other feature it has is the “auto” switch which makes it ideal to hand to someone who knows nothing about photography or how to use the camera and it does all the technical stuff for them. (I wished I’d had this on the X-T2 recently when I handed my camera to a stranger to take a group shot of us and the focus point ended up on the background not on us!)

The things you don’t get that the X-T2 has are dual card slots, weather proofing, the focus lever, an ISO dial on the top plate, extended ISO range, the 3 way tilt LCD screen, or the option of attaching a battery booster grip. Mostly those are things a professional photographer needs, so for an enthusiast this is simply a stunning little beauty of a camera.

And to be honest, I’ll be looking at slipping one of these into my bag as another back-up body.

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