FUJIKINA 2017 with Craig Robertson - Part 3

Here is the third and final review by local X-Photographer Craig Robertson who accompanied the FUJIFILM NZ team to Japan in January for FUJIKINA 2017.

Craig got some time with the X-T20, the X100F and the XF50mm F2 lens, and has shared his honest thought on these new bits of kit coming our way in late February!

If you missed it already you can check out Craig’s review on the X-T20 here, and the X100F here.

But to wrap it all up, here’s Craig’s review on the much anticipated XF50mm F2

What a great little lens this is! I restricted myself to using this lens and the 23mm F2 on the new X-T20 for a day in Japan and what a formidable lightweight street kit it makes. I didn’t carry a bag - the whole kit fitted in my jacket pocket. The lens is incredibly sharp (as usual for Fujinon glass), beautifully built and the F2 aperture is fast enough with great bokeh for most situations. It’s ideal for portraits and bringing street action just that little bit closer. It’s also great for picking out details in street market stalls or adding a little bit of telephoto compression to an architectural shot.

Use it with the X-T2 or X-Pro2 and you have great weatherproof combination that doesn’t need putting away when the weather gets wild and stormy - in fact I’ll be testing this no doubt on a 1100 km cycle ride in the South Island this month.

If you use it on the X-Pro2, it’s tapered design gives you the benefit of a lot less image cut off in the bottom right corner of the optical viewfinder than the 56 f1.2 or the 16-55 f 2.8 zoom.

For any photographer who wants an inconspicuous or very lightweight set-up the 50mm F2 and the other tiny F2 lenses in the series are just perfect. Now I wonder if Fujifilm could produce a 16mm of the same diminutive size….. 16, 23 & 50 F2’s that would be an ideal travel set for me.

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