Friendly Faces of FUJIFILM NZ

A familiar face to many, Stephen Madden recently joined the FUJIFILM NZ team as the Digital Sales & Training Specialist.  With a wealth of knowledge and a bank of experience, he tours the country showcasing the FUJIFILM camera range and teaches customers and the community how to take great images with them. 

We go behind the scenes to find out how this self-taught photography got into the world of photography and what excites him most about the industry.

1. Did you go to school to study photography?

I would consider myself self taught.  I was 13 and my grandfather passed away and my mum gave me his Minolta X300 SLR to play with and my interest just grew and grew from there, I even ended up taking over the Laundry and turning it into a darkroom to develop my own black and white photographs.

2. How do you Describe Your photographic style?

My style has changed over the years but at the moment I am concentrating on long exposure black and white photography.  I like the minimal look I get from slowing time down and again with black and white I think it gives the image more strength without the distraction of colour.

3. What’s the most exciting thing about working in the photographic industry?

Being involved in a company that has been in imaging for over 80 years is a great experience, there aren’t many camera makers that can claim to be with the consumer from "the time you push the shutter button to the time you print your photo Fujifilm is with you all the way”  It’s great that we make amazing cameras like the X series and then we have so much knowledge about print as well.  Being a bit of a gear head I love the fact that I get to hear about and see the new technology before everyone else.

4. Which camera is your favorite to shoot with?

My go to camera and the one I have been using for the last 2 years is the X-Pro1.

5. Can you share with us your most awesome image

My favourite image at the moment is a shot I took a little while ago at Maraetai at sunrise (shown above).

6. What’s your number one tip for photographers out there?

Keep Shooting…….You won’t always get the perfect image every time you go out but when it comes it will all be worth while!!!!

Print Your Photos…….For me the whole point of getting a great image is so I can print it and look at it everyday on the wall, looking at it on the computer has no impact, print it big is my philosophy!!!!