Friendly Faces of FUJIFILM: Kelly Swinnerton

As the Product & Marketing Manager for X Series & Finepix cameras at FUJIFILM NZ, Kelly is constantly amazed by the great work of photographers the world over and loves to surround herself in beautiful imagery.  Find out what her number one photography tip is.

Kelly's daughter, captured on an X100T

1. How did you first become involved in the photography world?

I’ve always love taking photos, I used to always have a camera on hand and would develop all my film.  After moving to New Zealand, I was in the country for about a month and applied for a position at FUJIFILM NZ thinking it was right up my alley - 9 years later, I'm still loving it!

2. What type of Photography inspires you the most? 

I'm a sucker for Street Photography – there's something about the rawness of the people captured in their everyday life. 

3. What are some of your favorite images to date?

My favorite photo of all time is a reel of old passport photos of my mum – they’re so classic and mean a great deal to me. 

I also love the photo below that I took of my husband on an XT1- he loves to surf and I feel like the photo has captured him in his element. 

4. Do you prefer color or black and white?

I prefer black and white photography- again, probably goes back to my affinity to Street Photography.

5. What's your number one photography tip?

Best tip I've learned through the years -  take your favourite camera and favourite lenses when you go out and leave the rest behind.  Don’t worry about bringing the whole kit and weighing yourself down, just use what feels comfortable to you. 


6. If you could take your camera anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Prague – for the Christmas markets in early December. We used to go as young children and it's one of the most magical experiences ever.