DIY Print Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are said to protect you from nightmares, and are traditionally hung above the bed.

Here's how to create a personalised Dreamcatcher using your printed photos:

Materials You Need

One Metal or Wooden Hoop (approx. 4" diameter)
Suede Woven Cord  (approx. 4m)
Strong but thin cord string (approx. 1m)
Wooden Beads
A 4"x 4" printed photo (locate your nearest photo printing kiosk)

You can find all of these materials at your local craft store - all up this cost us $15.

Step #1

Start by punching four small holes into your printed photo - about 1cm from the edges.
Thread your string through the holes (as shown above). You can also use thinner or clear string here if you prefer.

Step #2

Attach your photo securely to your loop - tie knots and cut the ends. if you are using clear string for this part you can add your image after your hoop has been wrapped.

Step #3

Start wrapping your suede cord starting from the top middle (important) - leave a sufficient piece of string on the end.  Tightly wrap your string around the hoop, careful not to rip your image in the process!

Step #4

Once you've wrapped the entire hoop - tie a know at the top, cut the rope (same length as beginning piece) and tie a knot at the top.  Optional, add some beads here for decor. 

Step #5

Loop the remaining suede string at the bottom (try different lengths), weaving in beads and feathers at the end (secure feather with white or clear string). And voila, you're done!


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