DIY : Glass Jar Photo Display

Glass jars have become the latest DIY stars...

And visiting Grans offers a great opportunity to nab a few of those preserve jars.

Here's how to create an array of glass jar photo displays for your home.  You will need:

- A few small glass jars, one medium sized glass jar, one giant sized glass jar.
- String 
- Instax mini or Instax SHARE printed photos, Fujifilm square printed photos

Glass Jar Photo Display #1

Here we used the giant glass jar and placed in a few flowers amongst 4 x 4 printed Fujifilm photos.
Perfect for the family photos on a side table upon entering the home.

Glass Jar Photo Display #2

In this display the Instax mini or Instax SHARE prints are the heroes.
What we created was a modern and fun chandelier made from a bunch of small glass jars and mini snaps.
This would look awesome above the dining table. Just imagine the jars lit up by lights! 

Glass Jar Photo Display #3

Add a touch of personality to your pencil holder - and don't stop there - tucking prints inside any clear display instantly beautifies what would otherwise be a very functional look.