Christmas Photo Crafts

Just like eye bags on a Monday morning, Christmas has crept up on us without warning and is now (literally) just around the corner! It's time to pull out those dusty wreaths, unravel the lighting and go wild with tinsel. If you want to flourish your home with all things festive than photo prints are the perfect way to make your gifts & decorations stand-out. 

Is it a Frisbee? Is it basketball hoop? No, it's a modern take on a classic piece, this appreciation wreath doubles as a great gift - scour social networks for photos of the recipients and skate on down to your nearest FUJIFILM printing kiosk. They might even decide to keep it up all year!

Another option: fill with printed pictures of dinner party guests and hang on your door before their arrival to create a truly welcoming atmosphere.


Nametags, lametags!   If you really want to make someone realise how much thought you put into that hand soap gift box, a picture speaks a thousand words.