Bring Your Photo Wall To Life!

It takes a lot of patience, and a LOT of looking to finally find your dream home. So once you’ve found it, you want to make sure the interior looks just as perfect as the exterior, right? To give your living room, bedroom or study that extra ounce of style, a gorgeous photo wall is one of our favourite options.

The keys to an effective photo wall are balance and spacing. There are hundreds of ways you can lay out your display, so here are some simple guidelines to make the process even easier!

To make your photo wall pleasing to the eye, first decide whether you want to make it symmetrical or asymmetrical. Either way, make sure that it's lined up on an axis like the diagrams below.

Photo by Live Love DIY

Next, gather your favourite pictures and a bunch of frames - these can be matching or mismatched, but it's best to stick to a colour or design scheme. You can choose to use only identical photo frames with black and white photos, or different types of photo frames with colour pictures. It’s all up to you!

Clear out a space in front of the wall you want to use, and lay the pictures down how you want to display them to get an overview on what your wall will look like. By laying them on the floor you can shuffle them around until you have them organised just the way you like it.

Photo by Live Love DIY

Once you have found the perfect layout on the ground, tape the axis on the wall in order to hang them up the same way you organised them on the floor. Then, hang your photos and ta-da! Your own personal photo wall has arisen.

To give it all a special touch you can replace some of the photo frames with little mirrors, prints, or small decorative items.

Photo by Live Love DIY