6 Tips to Shooting Beautiful Sunrises

Dusk and dawn are some of the most challenging times of day to take pictures. Yet, if done correctly the rewards are simply breathtaking. To help you master these tricky shots FUJIFILM NZ has compiled a list of 6 easy tips and tricks of the trade!

1. Think Ahead:

Scope out your locations before hand and always think about your timing as the light will be gone in the blink of an eye.

2. Creative Compositions:

Try photographing at different focal lengths for a different perspective.

3. Adjust Exposure:

Dusk and dawn are scenes with a high dynamic range (HDR) of light as the sky and foreground can be quite different. Meaning, it’s harder to get a good image in a single shot. To adjust for this try exposure bracketing. You can do this manually or simply by switching your FUJIFILM EXR sensor to Dynamic Range (DR) mode. Selecting this feature will shoot multiple frames in an exposure range and automatically combine them in the camera for a single HDR composite.

4. Proper Techniques:

Shoot at the lowest ISO with the flash off. Switch to manual focus.

5. Keep Shooting:

Keep shooting as the light and colours can develop over the sunrise/sunset.

6. Stay Steady:

Use a tripod if you’re shooting exposures longer than 1/30 second to give you more stability and a sharper image. For an even sharper image try the self-timer function or a FUJIFILM remote release to avoid camera shake from pressing the shutter button.

Images shown taken with an X-E1 by FUJFILM NZ's very own Ira Swales