Welcome to FUJIFILM

FUJIFILM New Zealand is a leading force in the distribution of imaging equipment and services to the photographic, medical and graphic systems markets.

FUJIFILM constantly strives to develop superior technologies and to continue to cultivate an imaging and information culture. As a global company, we aim to make innovative use of the most advanced technologies to provide the imaging and information solutions that will best meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of our clients.

Overview of company

FUJIFILM New Zealand Pty Ltd came into existence on 23 April 2004 following the sale of the Hanimex Group to Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd.

Previously, Hanimex Pty Ltd had been the sole distributor of FUJIFILM products in New Zealand since 1954. Hanimex was founded in 1947 by Jack Hannes, and was established as an import and export company, with a diverse range of products in its portfolio. By 2004, Hanimex had assisted FUJIFILM to become a key player in the imaging industry and provider of total digital solutions to its customers in the photographic medical imaging and graphic systems markets.

Our purpose

Sometimes known as a Mission Statement or Vision, at FUJIFILM New Zealand we have a PURPOSE which provides the focus for our company.

FUJIFILM New Zealand leads the market with innovative integrated solutions for imaging, health, printing and industrial customers.

Our Values

Our Values provide the 'framework' from within FUJIFILM New Zealand strives to achieve its Purpose. They describe the way in which we conduct ourselves as individuals and as a company.

We are a unique company challenging the frontiers of innovation in digital imaging technology.

As our most valued resource, our people's collective and individual contributions will ensure we achieve our company goals in an energised and enjoyable environment.

With speed in our decisions and actions we will be ahead of our competitors.

We are open to new ideas and new ways of improving our business.

We encourage all our people to listen to our customers and deliver the quality performance expected.

Commitment to the environment

The FUJIFILM Group Green Policy was established in April 2004 and all Group Companies are promoting common environmental measures with the objective of attaining high levels of "environmental quality" in our products, services, and corporate activities.

"Sustainable development" is the most important issue for our planet, the human race, and all business entities in the 21st century. FUJIFILM Group Companies around the world aim to stay at the forefront of efforts to attain this goal in terms of environmental, economic, and social aspects.

We will strive for customer satisfaction as well as our contribution to "sustainable development" by achieving high "environmental quality" in products, services and corporate activities.

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Commitment to Equal Opportunity

FUJIFILM New Zealand is committed to the provision of Equal Employment Opportunity for all its staff, and employ staff on the basis of merit.

We are also committed to affirmative action, that is the provision of employment opportunities for target groups in non-traditional roles. In particular, we encourage applications from women for senior and technical roles.