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Friendly Faces of FUJIFILM NZ: Stephen Madden

A familiar face to many, Stephen Madden recently joined the FUJIFILM NZ team as the Digital Sales & Training Specialist. With a wealth of knowledge and a bank of experience, he tours the country showcasing the FUJIFILM camera range and teaches customers and the community how to take great images with them.

Showcase on X-Photographer: Sven Schroeter

German born Sven Schroeter may be a self-taught photographer but is certainly no amateur when it comes to the streets. Taking joy in snapping the eclectic personalities that can be found across the globe, the X-Photographer's images spin the tales of the streets.

Get Creative with Multiple Exposures

Multiple exposures have been around for almost as long as photography itself and almost certainly came about as much by accident as by design. In the early days of photography, exposures often took many minutes, so any subject or camera movement during the time the shutter was open would cause a distinctive ‘ghosting’ or ‘double impression’ effect. This also occurred when a camera’s shutter opened twice or more on the same frame, exposing it more than once.

6 Tips to Shooting Beautiful Sunrises

Dusk and dawn are some of the most challenging times of day to take pictures. Yet, if done correctly the rewards are simply breathtaking. To help you master these tricky shots Fujifilm has compiled a list of 6 easy tips and tricks of the trade!

It's Hip to be Square

Despite the sprawl of the digital age, no technology has been able to recreate the sense of intimacy and evoke as much imagination as what the good ol’ printed photograph can.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Have you remebered it's Mother's Day? Quick!

Dash out to the nearest pharmacy and grab a generic brand of perfume, better yet, nothing says I love you like a voucher to a vacuum cleaner store.

Beautiful X-T1 Shots

Since it's release in New Zealand, the X-T1 has received nothing but accolades from the photographic community.
But reviews and opinions are sometimes just that - the best way to judge a camera (and photographer for that matter) are by the actual photos.
So we thought we'd put together a sampling of our favorite X-T1 shots to date - if you have any X-T1 pics share them with us on Facebook.

How to Print Photos From Your Phone

Smartphones and tablets have given us unlimited photographic capabilities. These days, snapping images on the go and capturing fleeting moments is as easy as simply pulling out the mobile device and pushing a button. Add some filters crop and enhance, and you’ve got yourself an image library to make the whole village envious.

The problem is that many of us end up with photo libraries that stack up in the thousands – going days, months, even years without printing those special moments. Reminiscing achievable only by looking at the tiny glossy screen of a device.