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The Friendly Faces of FUJIFILM: Alastair Peebles

Known around the office as the printed-photo evangelist, Alastair is the Senior Category Manager of the Imaging Division (which explains his love for printed pics).

Our Favorite Photos of the Week for 2015

A recap of our 12 favorite Photos of the Week for 2015 - thanks everyone for submitting your work, we love to see it!

Salted Dough Photo Ornaments

Create beautiful and meaningful Christmas tree ornaments using your photos

Xmas Gift Guide

Different strokes for different folks - or so the saying goes! If you're looking for guidance on how to buy for the different personalities in your life we have the guide for you!

Turn Your Kid's Drawings into Wrapping Paper

The silly season of gift-giving has officially begun and we have a top DIY tip to make sure you impress the socks out of relatives this year with personalised wrapping paper using your kid's artwork.
This is a super cute way to wrap up relative's gifts - so cute, it'll even make a pair of socks look amazing.

The Enduring Power of Print

Despite the fact that the majority of us would place a higher value on our photographs than money (a recent study showed that 65% would choose their photos over $1million dollars!), if you're like most people, your photographic heritage is vulnerably stored in a digitized format.

The Friendly Faces of FUJIFILM: Peter Bonisch

instax Photographer Shares All

If her name sounds familiar, that's because Philippine-born Krishna Buenaventura Marinas is the co-founder behind iconic New Zealand fashion label Sunday Misfits.
As a stylist and designer, Krishna sees her instax cameras as an extension of her artistic expression.

Turn Digital Photos Into Instant Art

If you've recently printed some digital photos and are looking for a fun and easy DIY, here's a project to blow your creative mind.

Get that Pic on a Card

We might live in a digital world but an email or Facebook message will never be able to replace the intimacy and excitement of receiving snail mail.
Reach out to someone special, send mum & dad an update of your travels, thank family & friends, whatever the reason or occasion a custom card will help deliver your message in a more meaningful way.

5 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Sure, you could get dad a pair of socks this Father's Day, but doesn't the man who helped teach you how to tie a shoelace and drive your first car deserve so much more. Here are seven gift ideas sure to please that number one guy.

5 Photography Effects Every Photographer Should Know About

Whilst composition, lighting & subject matter should always be a main priority - once mastered, there are five effects every photographer should have in their toolkit.

The Friendly Faces of FUJIFILM: Rudy Heymen

Frequently impressing the office with his beautifully shot photos, Rudy is a Service Technician at FUJIFILM and has been with the brand for over 12 years now!
We take a look at what makes him snap (pun intended).

Personalised Wrapping Paper

Switch things up this year with your very own DIY photographic wrapping paper. It’s a gift in and of itself — especially if it’s got your beautiful mug on it.

Strangest Stock Photos No One Will Ever Use

The world of stock imagery is sterile at the best of times, with the occasional amazing photographic work of art. But sometimes, a picture makes it through the rank that just begs the question 'what the...'.

Here are some of the weirdest stock photos we've ever encountered!

Top 5 Shooting Tips from Our X Photographers

DIY Photo Cube

A personalised photo cube is a great way to bring Instagram memories to life whilst adding some decorative aesthetics to your home. Here's how to create your own.

DIY Print Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are said to protect you from nightmares, and are traditionally hung above the bed.

Tips for the Perfect Long Exposure

Over the past few years, long exposure photography has become increasingly popular - and it's easy to see why! A well-executed dreamy long-exposure shot can be a highly impactful shot to add to any avid photographer's collection. For those of you who haven't quite mastered it yet, you're in luck - we've broken the process down into 8 simple steps!

Super Simple Mother's Day Gift Ideas

They say that mums are suckers for gifts from the heart, and you can't get more heartfelt than creating a beautiful printed wall mural - in the shape of a heart!