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Meet local X-Photographer, Dennis

Cash Back - Christmas 2016

The FUJIFILM X-T2 - Creative Perfection.

The wait is officially over, today the X-T2 is finally up for grabs in New Zealand.

Has the AF gotten faster further more?

The X-T2 is officially announced finally. The spec is disclosed, and the camera is displayed at selected locations worldwide. Some of you may have already tried it. And as it turns out, one of the main interests among the users is the enhanced AF performance such as the new AF-C Custom settings. We have been hearing the on-going discussion that "the AF feels faster" and that "subject in motion can be tracked rather easily"

Printing Instax snaps wirelessly from your X series camera

Your Photos Showcased

5 Incredibly Simple Photoshop Hacks

These tips and tricks should be easy enough for anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of Photoshop.

School Holiday Boredom Buster Challenge

FREE DOWNLOAD: School Holiday Boredom Buster

No need for kiddie Netflix marathons these school holidays, give your kids the challenge of photography to grow their skills and flex their creativity. Download Free sheet here.

9 Breathtaking Shots Taken on an X-Pro2

5 unexpected ways to hang pictures on your wall

Letting your pics "gather dust" inside your digital camera or phone? It's time to set them free and spice up your living space!

5 Best Places to Photograph in NZ

We sometimes take it for granted, and we sometimes forget - but New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, ripe with photographic opportunities. Why? Almost every direction you turn, every road you drive down, and every new destination you visit, you’re greeted with a stunning vista, a snow capped mountain, a rugged beach, or vast expanses of green rolling hills.

The Friendly Faces of FUJIFILM: Alastair Peebles

Known around the office as the printed-photo evangelist, Alastair is the Senior Category Manager of the Imaging Division (which explains his love for printed pics).

Our Favorite Photos of the Week for 2015

A recap of our 12 favorite Photos of the Week for 2015 - thanks everyone for submitting your work, we love to see it!

Salted Dough Photo Ornaments

Create beautiful and meaningful Christmas tree ornaments using your photos

Xmas Gift Guide

Different strokes for different folks - or so the saying goes! If you're looking for guidance on how to buy for the different personalities in your life we have the guide for you!

Turn Your Kid's Drawings into Wrapping Paper

The silly season of gift-giving has officially begun and we have a top DIY tip to make sure you impress the socks out of relatives this year with personalised wrapping paper using your kid's artwork.
This is a super cute way to wrap up relative's gifts - so cute, it'll even make a pair of socks look amazing.

The Enduring Power of Print

Despite the fact that the majority of us would place a higher value on our photographs than money (a recent study showed that 65% would choose their photos over $1million dollars!), if you're like most people, your photographic heritage is vulnerably stored in a digitized format.

The Friendly Faces of FUJIFILM: Peter Bonisch

instax Photographer Shares All

If her name sounds familiar, that's because Philippine-born Krishna Buenaventura Marinas is the co-founder behind iconic New Zealand fashion label Sunday Misfits.
As a stylist and designer, Krishna sees her instax cameras as an extension of her artistic expression.

Turn Digital Photos Into Instant Art

If you've recently printed some digital photos and are looking for a fun and easy DIY, here's a project to blow your creative mind.